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Sales Tax Audits

Pennsylvania law allows manufacturers to take a sales tax exemption on energy used in creating their products. REG will visit your facility, learn your manufacturing process, and apply for your maximum tax exemption, including getting a refund for the past three years. We use the extensive background and exceptional energy knowledge of our study team to perform in-depth sales tax studies, determine proper tax exemptions, prepare defensible documentation, and obtain refunds for clients.

Facility Energy Audits

A facility or energy audit is an inspection and analysis of how and where energy is used (and lost) in your commercial, industrial, or institutional facility. This understanding allows suggestions to be made to improve the efficiency of your system and gain energy savings.

Utility Bill Audits

As a member of REAP, you can feel comfortable paying your electric bill because you know REG is making sure you don’t pay a penny more than you have to. We regularly find errors and take action to correct them. Depending on the error, you may receive a one-time credit on your next bill or ongoing savings that you will see indefinitely!

Utility Consulting

We offer several decades of utility-related experience and industry knowledge of end-user utility issues, such as negotiating favorable utility contracts for dual-line supply, identifying and implementing cost-saving rate structures, and resolving electric utility issues related to facility expansions.

Real Time Metering

We provide wired and wireless real-time metering and submetering solutions, useful for applications such as tenant billing, demand monitoring, cost allocation, power purchasing, and participation in demand response programs.

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Registration for 2017 Conference

Registration is open to Members and Nonmembers for our Oct 12, 2017 annual meeting.

You are invited to a fun and informative day of keynotes, energy market updates, regulatory changes and breakout sessions on industry hot topics. The day ends with a networking social hour.

Richards Energy Users’ Forum
Thursday, October 12
Spooky Nook Sports, Manheim, PA
Purchase Tickets Here

We’ve updated the Richards Annual Conference to a full day event. Please feel free to join us for the full, half, lunch or any part of the day. Registration is open to Members and Nonmembers.

Richards Energy Users’ Forum is a day long annual conference of educational sessions bringing together Richards Energy company members and commercial, industrial, and institutional energy users.

Don’t miss out on what your colleagues are calling the most valuable annual conference in the industry!

“Richards Energy annual energy conference gives us a cutting-edge perspective on the energy markets, market patterns, past weather effects, petroleum and gas markets and future projections.”
Kenneth Burkholder, Goods Store



Registration & Breakfast

Morning Session:

Energy Market Update
Regulatory & Tariff Changes
Energy Auditing/Consulting
LED Lighting

Design Thinking: A human-centered design approach to leveraging innovation and strategic problem solving in your business, by Design Quake

Afternoon Breakout Sessions:

Energy Auditing as a Corporate Financial Roadmap
Post Project Auditing & Engineering Analysis
Managing Demand: Peak Load Shaving & Demand Response
Retro-Commissioning HVAC and Controls: The Energy Hero in Plain Sight
The Future of PA Nuclear Generation and Its Impact on the Local Market Advanced Lighting Controls

Social & Hors d’oeuvres in the Atrium Bar, Mike McMonagle will perform traditional folk to roots-rock-n-roll

We hope to see you there!
Purchase Tickets Here

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