Lighting change earns Orion green awards for ECORE International

ECORE International has received the Orion Energy Systems Environmental Stewardship Award for their recent lighting change in both their York and Lancaster facility. These changes resulted in substantial environmental benefits by reducing the amount of electric power ECORE uses.
Orion presents these awards to companies that achieve significant environmental benefits through use of Orion products and systems.
At ECORE, contractor Richards Energy Group replaced conventional fluorescent and metal halide lighting with energy-efficient Orion high-intensity fluorescent lighting. This decreased lighting power usage by an 3,679,892 kilowatt-hours (kwh) per year, which reduced lighting-related electricity costs from $477,615 to $200,424 a year, a 58 percent saving of $277,191.
“Not only has the lighting change brought a reduction in energy usage and environmental benefits, but also has improved the working environment for all employees by raising the amount and quality of light in the manufacturing and office areas,” said John McFalls, director of operations at ECORE International. “All employees now have a safer and more pleasing environment to work in.”
The saved 3,679,892 kwh, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, means that over the 20-year life of the replacement fixtures, some 71,755 tons of carbon dioxide, 19,568 tons of carbon, 312.1 tons of sulfur dioxide and 150.5 tons of nitrous oxide – all greenhouse gases – will not enter the atmosphere.
The reduction equates to planting a 675-acre forest or removing 594 cars from the road a year, according to EPA statistics. It also is the conservation equivalent of saving 6,089,485 gallons of gasoline or 144,988 barrels of fuel oil during the 20-year period.
“ECORE is committed to developing and utilizing environmentally responsible manufacturing processes and technologies,” said Arthur Dodge III, president and CEO of ECORE International. “We would like to thank Richards Energy Group, for their expertise as we analyzed the efficiency of our lighting systems in both our York and Lancaster facilities. We are honored to receive this award and are especially pleased to know that the positive environmental impact that comes with this type of project will continue for years to come.”
The environmental benefits and energy cost savings of the ECORE International project are possible because Orion fixtures have been engineered to use a specially formed, highly reflective surface to harvest light emitted from all sides of a fluorescent tube and direct it downward.
“For the next few decades, a major story in the business world is going to be the wholesale changeover to energy efficient equipment,” said Neal Verfuerth, president and CEO of Orion. “We’re glad to be part of achievements like ECORE International’s lopping 3,679,892 kwh off the power grid and the environmental benefits that provides. That will tend to lessen upward pressure on power prices – an issue we’re all facing.
“Best of all, though, ECORE International didn’t have to sacrifice or do without to get better lighting at a lower operating cost. That’s the way we like to see things work.”
ECORE International manufactures and markets innovative, sustainable products and solutions for the global marketplace. Based in Lancaster, Pa., ECORE has made a thriving business out of finding creative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle for the past 18 years. As North America’s largest user of scrap tire rubber, ENCORE recycles 80 million pounds of scrap tire rubber each year in the process to convert pliable treads into durable products for the construction, consumer, commercial, industrial, and sports and leisure markets. ECORE’s portfolio includes national market leaders, such as ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring, EVERLAST Performance Flooring, PuzzleTile, Pavesafe, QT, TransMat and PlayGuard, to name a few. Subsidiary units, A-Turf, SurfaceAmerica and SpectraTurf are leaders in playground surfacing, gymnasium flooring, fitness flooring, and specialty surfacing and artificial turf industries. For more information, visit
Richards Energy Group (REG) is an independent ‘energineering’ firm dedicated to cutting energy costs for industrial, commercial, and institutional users. The group works for energy consumers, not suppliers, vendors, or utilities. Using its many years of utility-related experience, Richards Energy Group is able to minimize the energy bills paid by its clients. REG offers a full spectrum of consulting services: a power-purchasing consortium; energy, sales tax and billing audits; lighting retrofits; and real-time metering. For more information, visit
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