First Energy – ACT129 Standard Lighting Rebate Exhausted

Today, FirstEnergy announced that Standard Lighting Rebates have been exhausted. See their email below:

State of the Program

June 1, 2011

Program year three begins June 1, 2011, and we’d like to update everyone on the State of the Program Continue reading

. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of FirstEnergy commerical and industrial utility customers in Pennsylvania, projects totaling more than 260,000 MWh were completed. We would like to thank all of the participants and program allies for their response to the programs!

Beginning June 1, 2011, all projects requesting incentives more than $3,000 must submit the application prior to purchasing equipment to receive preapproval. We recommend pre-approval for all projects, regardless of incentive level, to ensure that the equipment qualifies for incentives and that funding is available. Funds are reserved for 90 days from the date of preapproval.

Also, as of June 1, 2011, the Standard Lighting Incentive for Business program has been retired. Standard Lighting applications received by midnight, May 31, 2011, will be honored and processed as Standard Lighting applications. Any Standard Lighting applications received on June 1, 2011, or later will be returned to the participant to be converted to Non-Standard Lighting applications. CFL, LED exit signs and lighting controls are still incentivized at the standard rates, but can be included on Non-Standard Lighting applications through the updated calculator tool.

The Audit program has been retired for Penn Power and Met-Ed customers. This program is still available to eligible Penelec customers, pending budget availability.

Federal government customers are eligible for all commercial and industrial programs. The incentive rates for federal customers will be the same incentives as those for all other customers, and may now use the same application forms. The Federal Incentives form has been retired.

The Multifamily Program for Common Areas is retired as of June 1, 2011. Based on budget availability, FirstEnergy will enroll multifamily customers into its CFL kits program.

Incentive level for the Non-Standard Lighting for Business Program was modified to $0.05/kWh on March 1, 2011. This remains in effect. The Non-Standard Lighting calculator tool has been updated to include CFL, LED exit signs and lighting controls at their prescriptive incentive rates.

Incentive level for the Custom Program was modified to $0.05/kWh on March 1, 2011. This remains in effect.

The following programs have no planned changes:
– HVAC Incentive Program
– Motors and Drives Incentives Program
– Specialty Equipment Incentives Program
– Streetlighting, Outdoor Area Lighting, and Traffic Signals Incentive Program

Finally the weekly application assistance webinar will continue, but at a new date and time. Starting the week of June 6, the webinar will be held on Wednesdays at 11am. The conference line passcode and webinar log in PIN remain the same. This information can be found on the program website in the Standing Webinar section.

Again, we thank all of the participants, their contractors and program allies who have made the energy savings a reality for the first two years of the Act 129 programs. We look forward to working with you on your energy saving projects over the next year.


FirstEnergy Act 129 Program – SAIC

Don’t wait! Get your ACT 129 rebates while they are still around!

Focus on Lighting: Status of Retrofit Rebates

Pennsylvania’s Act 129 requires that the state’s largest electric utility companies provide cash incentives for consumers and businesses who install or retrofit to energy efficient lighting, HVAC systems, motors, and more. These programs have been in effect since July 2009 and are funded by a special rider on your electric bill. REG has secured over $350,000 in rebates for REAP members who have utilized REG’s energy efficient lighting team. Be sure to get your share before the funds are gone since you are paying for it!

Program requirements and rebate levels vary by utility so be sure to review the appropriate information below Continue reading


June 1, 2011 begins the third year of PPL’s EE&C (Energy Efficiency & Conservation) plan under Act 129. For this program, PPL’s rebate levels will be lowered on June 1, 2011.

The good news is that PPL just announced an opportunity to lock in at the current rebate levels until September 30, 2011 by committing to a project by May 31, 2011. You can lock in now by signing a REG Lighting proposal by May 31, 2011. We will complete the paperwork to reserve the funds and work with you to deliver the solution by September 30, 2011. Click here for more information from PPL about this opportunity.

The EE&C plan will officially end on May 31, 2013, or when funds have been exhausted. Additionally, energy efficiency rebates for large Commercial & Industrial (LP4 & LP5 rate classes) is projected to run out this year. For more information from PPL, click here.

Rebates for small and medium Commercial, Industrial and Institutional customers are available at reduced levels. The levels were lowered in early March, 2011.

Funding for large Commercial and Industrial accounts has been exhausted (click here for a list of ineligible accounts). For more information from FirstEnergy, click here.

PECO has not announced any changes to the program. The rebates are expected to remain at their current levels for the next program year. For more information from PECO, click here.

Please note that not all utilities are mentioned above. If you have any questions about what rebate you are eligible for, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Richards Energy Group offers competitive turnkey lighting retrofit solutions for REAP members. Contact us for more information to save additional energy dollars.