FirstEnergy “Non-Standard Lighting Rebate” and “Custom Incentive Rebate” Funding Diminished

FirstEnergy announced that effective March 1, 2011 the most lucrative lighting rebates will be reduced in order to accommodate the high number of applications they are receiving. To accomplish this, the Non-Standard and Custom rebates will be based on usage reduced (Kilowatt-Hours) rather than demand reduced (Watts). This results in significantly smaller rebates.

Funding for large commercial and industrial customers (average of 400 kW and up) in FirstEnergy’s Met-Ed and Penelec territories is already completely gone. Rebates are still available for all PennPower customers Continue reading


What this means: A rebate for a local small shop was estimated to be $3,280 with the previous $0.65/watt reduced calculation. With the new incentive the customer will only be eligible for $880 (based on $0.05/kWh rebate.

Note that the “Standard” lighting rebate remains the same, and in several cases may now add up to more rebate dollars than the non-standard.

Make sure you submit your rebate paperwork by the end of February 2011 to ensure you don’t loose out on the additional rebate dollars. For more information, see the FirstEnergy ACT 129 incentive website:

FirstEnergy Act 129 Funding for Large Customers- Gone

The Richards Energy Group lighting division recently received the following message from FirstEnergy (Met-Ed, Penelec, PennPower):

Due to the overwhelming response to the program from our largest commercial and industrial customers (those with an average of demand of 400 kW or more), the incentive money for this customer sector has been committed.  We will continue to receive applications from these customers.  However, the application status will be on hold pending the availability of funds.  Funds, if and when available, will be applied on a first come, first served basis for completed projects.  Rate Code Classifications for this customer segment are listed below for easy identification.
FirstEnergy rate classes

All other Act 129 lighting rebates are still available. REG would like to encourage our customers who have yet to perform a lighting efficiency upgrade to do so as soon as possible.